Monday, September 8, 2014

What is going on with Apple hires and acquihires in 2014?

I have never seen any company make so many high-profile hires (some by company purchases).  Something is goin' on!

  • Angela Ahrendts - CEO of Burberry
  • Paul Devenve - CEO of Yves Saint Laurent
  • Catherine Monier - European President, head of retail, Yves Saint Laurent
  • Patrick Pruniaux - VP Sales, Tag Heuer
  • Marc Newson - famed designer
  • Ari Partinen - formerly Nokia's Lumia photography lead
  • Ben Schaffer - famed for work on Nike's FuelBand
  • Musa Tariq, Global Senior Director Social Media & Community, Nike
  • Alex Acero - had 20 years in Microsoft researching speech technology
  • Gunnar Evermann, Siri Manager, Nuance
  • Dr. Dre - of Beats, by Dr. Dre...
    • Jimmy Iovine - of Beats
    • Trent Reznor of Beats - this just started getting discussed in October, 2014
  • Medicine/sensors:
    • Michael O'Reilly - Masimo CMO
    • Marcelo Lamego - Cercacor CTO
    • Ravi Narasimhan VP biosensor technology, Vital Connect
    • Nima Ferdosi, embedded sensors exper
    • Alexander Chan, biomedical engineer, Vital Connect
    • Nancy Dougherty, Sano Intelligence
    • Todd Whitehurst, VP Product, Senseonics
I see:
  • Fashion and branding
  • Entertainment industry ties
  • Serious involvement in medicine and sensors
  • Camera technology
  • Speech technology

How much will be heard/seen in 2014 vs how much will be the future?  I'm not ready for that prognostication yet.

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