Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More on my iPhone 7 after a bit of time has past

My experiences with my iPhone 7 seem notably negative.  Things I experience, and experience often:

  • My headphone buttons become unresponsive, in part or in whole.  For example, this morning, I could start/stop a podcast, but not change the volume.  Unplug/replug headphones fixes it.  I do that multiple times every day.  This is still happening with iOS 10.1.  (This is with native lightning headphones).
  • Siri - I ask for a song or an album, Siri shows on the screen that I am understood, and then Siri decides instead to play all of my music.  Examples:  I listen to Exit by Tangerine Dream.  I say, "Siri, play album Exit".  Siri understood but did something else!  This seems better in iOS 10.1, thankfully.
  • Siri - when I am with my family, I try to push the home button to activate Siri and make a request.  The timing seems impossible much of the time.  I hold down and then let go of the home button, but the flowing "I'm listening" graphic does not show up at the bottom of the screen.  Maybe Siri is already trying to interpret what my family is saying around me - I'm not sure.  Some time later Siri tells me it does not understand, and I can push the microphone and try again and that typically works reasonably.  This does seem a bit better in iOS 10.1.
  • iPhone 7 hang/crash - home button not working, I cannot stop music/podcasts... I have to hold both the power button and the down volume button to reboot (we'll see if this continues with iOS 10.1)
  •  iphone 7 crash and reboot - I find I must type my password, often, when I pull my iphone out of my pocket, about every other day.  It has rebooted and will not accept my fingerprint.  I do not know why.