Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My reaction to the ipad mini, retina 13" macbook pro, and more

On October 23rd, 2012, Apple announced some new products:

  • 4th generation iPad 4
  • iPad Mini
  • 13" Macbook Pro Retina
  • Updated mac mini, iMacs
These are my personal reactions to the product announcement.

The new mobile products (iPad) use the lightning connector.  It is great that Apple did not leave the iPhone 5 (ok and new iPods) as the only products using the new connector.  This will speed modifications to accessories.

4th generation iPad 4?  Great.  Welcome.  Same price!  Better CPU (like iPhone 5), better WiFi, better cellular (LTE) - at least on the LTE front it seems like a gimme - Apple had to do it to keep current.  I have heard that recent iPad 3 buyers are getting a free upgrade!  That is great customer service.  I'm not a huge iPad user, and will not use cellular on an iPad until I do not have to pay per device.

iPad Mini for $329... I think this product is great!  I have read books on my iPhone, but a bigger form factor is really needed to comfortably read.  But an iPad is a bit big and heavy for some reading positions.  I think the iPad Mini may get some serious traction in the market place - this is very welcome.  I'm thinking about buying one.  Having the same screen pixel size as iPad 2 so developers do not have to write new apps means it will have maximum utility the same day it comes out of the box.

13" Macbook Pro Retina - the screen is amazing, as expected they lose the DVD drive, and move firmly to SSD.  In this price range a 16GB RAM option will be strongly desired by some.  The lack of discrete graphics will be strongly missed by some.  I'm thinking without either 16GB and discrete graphics this laptop may be a bit DOA.

New mac mini, iMacs - very thin and light, fusion storage option (this sounds great!), no more optical drive here either... A very nice update that should get/keep these machines selling nicely.  I am surprised how much I am willing to do without having a dvd drive that is always available.

Apple claims to now have grown to have the biggest market share in personal computers.  This claim includes iPads as personal computers.  Other computer manufacturers are suffering while Apple thrives - Apple has redefined the marketplace and so I am willing to accept this redefinition.