Monday, September 8, 2014

OK time to prognosticate about the September 9, 2014 event

There is so much prognostication going on, it is infectious to some.  I have finally been infected.  What all is rumored?  What do I think might be real?

First let's start with product categories and rumors.  Then I'll make a short personal prognostication list.  I think Apple likes simplicity, and so I do not expect the announcement to cover anywhere near everything listed under rumors.  Here is the rumor roundup:

  • Mac
    • Macbook Air
      • Mainly the talk is about bumping screens to retina
    • Macbook Pro
    • iMac
    • Mac Pro
    • Screens
      • 4K screen
  • iPod
    • iPod Touch:
      • bigger iPod touches? 
      • better camera
      • touchID?
  • iPad
    • iPad Pro 12.9"?
    • TouchID?
  • iPhone
    • 4.7" and 5.5" versions?
    • 5.5" even thinner with humongous battery?
    • WiFi AC?
    • New super high resolutions
    • better camera?
    • liquid metal outer covering, finally?
    • sapphire yet non-shattering screen?
    • A wholly sapphire encased phone that does not need a case?
    • NFC - near field communication - used for phone-based payment services
  • Apple TV
    • De Nada - see software and services...
  • Beats Headphones
    • lightning plug high-res listening?
  • iWatch
    • Multiple versions (men/women is the most plausible)
    • Usable independent of iPhone - useful to customers without other Apple products.
    • NFC tie to iPhone
    • Tie to HomeKit: use band to get home info and possibly unlock locks at least.
    • possible tie to Disney - and their magic bands
    • text message tie to iPhone
    • sapphire screen, liquid metal band
    • flexible electronics, unique form-fitting band
    • sensors rumored for tie to HealthKit:
      • motion (mainly up/down but also useful for tracking sleep)
      • altitude/barometer
      • gyroscope
      • gps
      • heart rate
      • blood pressure
      • oxygen saturation
      • glucose monitoring
Software and services:
  • Beats streaming - integrated with iTunes radio
  • Movie version of iTunes match?
  • Mobile payments service with NFC in new iPhones (with TouchID and Passbook ties)
Notably absent:
  • More about HomeKit

Now for my prognostication:
  • MacBook Air
    • Bump to retina.  If not now, in 2014.
  • New iPhone 4.7" and 5.5"
    • with a better camera, both with TouchID
    • NFC
    • some new sensors that aren't rumored
    • a sideways mode for some iphone built-in apps that is more like iPad
    • higher resolution screens
    • Shipping by mid-October
  • iWatch
    • with more fashion than I can imagine
    • fewer sensors than imagined - definitely no glucose monitoring this time around
    • coming out in early 2015
    • comes with more HealthKit discussion
  • Services:
    • Definitely mobile payments, and NFC seems very likely, rolling out with many major retailers across the US, tied to TouchID

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