Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Too many pundits, not enough happy people

I harken back to the Treo 650 from Palm as I gaze at my iPhone 5 and think about how far things have come in 10 years:

  • No junkware on my phone
  • I can talk on the phone and use my cellular data plan at the same time
  • Visual voicemail - so much better than "press 4 to hear the message again"
  • A revolution in data plans - they do not have to cost an arm and a leg, and were even unlimited usage for a while.
  • Sane mobile management of media - I could watch movies on my Treo 650, but it really was a novelty.  Now I have music, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, books, magazines... wow!
  • Usable decent camera, with a flash no less!  They used to actually be hard to use...
  • Small, with no antenna!  I once had 3 in a front pocket...
  • No more butt dialing!
  • Worldwide development of apps, in an app store where things are safer than on the net in general.
    • Games!  Wow.
    • Auto-updating apps!
  • Easy access to buy media, wirelessly!  And I can access my entire music library without having it on my phone.
  • Security - encrypted phones!  Regular updates including security fixes when needed.
  • Sensors - enabling mapping, brightness that adjusts intelligently, fitness applications (even without an external device), and enabling mobile gaming
  • Apps that integrate with other systems:
    • remote management of my Apple TV, Keynote on my computer
    • Thermostats
    • integration with fitness/health devices
    • remote payment or payment integration via passbook or applications.  I pay for local parking meters with an app.
    • Anything/everything in the future, it seems
  • Productivity apps on tiny devices that make sense - I can make a movie and edit it on my phone?!?
  • My old phone is plenty good enough for someone else to use it for a long time - the longevity of utility of an old iPhone is huge.  My old iPhone 4 from 2010 will be happily in use probably for another year.


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  1. You are right. My first generation iPad works like a champ!