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My favorite Apple reporter - Daniel Eran Dilger

Update 11/1/14:  I cannot find a good index to Mr. Dilger's articles.  Much to my surprise, Apple Insider provides no such index!  So when I feel like it, I will update this blog post with new articles for my reference, and yours.

Original 5/25/14 blog post:

I admit that I had all but given up hope that news reporting about Apple would forever be completely anti-Apple.  With a bias so clear and strong, ignoring so many facts, I could not understand how the industry could stand.

Apple re-invigorated the tech industry and much of the media industry.  Without Apple, Android would not be what it is today.  Without Apple, Samsung has admitted that it would not be what it is today.  Without Apple, cellular companies around the world would not be where they are at with technology and sales.  And music sales would not be what they are.  Apple has created whole new industries too.  App sales are one example.  Alternative TV content distribution boxes are another.

The only consistent reporter and editorial author with a view that looks to examine facts others ignore or distort is Daniel Eran Dilger.  He authors numerous lengthy pieces with insight and analysis into all things Apple.   I want to credit Phillip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune's Apple 2.0 who has consistently reported on Mr. Dilger's editorials.

Mr. Dilger writes for,  also has an online magazine,  He has also been a frequent guest on

Articles list:

Searching AppleInsider for Daniel's articles, well, it kind of sucks today.  Many other authors quote him but link to articles not by Mr. Dilger.  Here is a list for reference, as complete as I was willing to make it by hand.

January, 2015:

December 2014:

November 2014:

October 2014:
September 2014:

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