Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Apple websites, blogs, and news sites I use

I looked back on my pre-iPhone days to a Treo650 blog I once ran.  I found a very useful blog listing the many Palm/Treo websites I used frequently.  It is high time to list some sites I use with frequency now:
Apple Insider -- My favorite Apple reporter, Daniel Eran Dilger, is a regular.
ArsTechnica Apple - sometimes long insightful articles
CNN Money AKA Fortune Apple 2.0 - Phillip Elmer-DeWitt
Daring Fireball -- John Gruber - There is also a Podcast "The Talk Show With John Gruber"
GigaOM Apple -- Om Malik has put together a great team.
Mac Observer -- John Martellaro
Mac Stories -- Interesting thoughtful articles
Macworld -- Kirk McElhern, iTunes Guy
slashdot Apple
Taste of Apple Tech
TidBITS -- Managing Editor John Centers
TechNightOwl - Gene Steinberg's "PC news" program.
  • I now mostly just get the audio podcast every week.
  • Not strictly about Apple, but often is very Apple focused.
Sites I'm looking into:
iMore -- Managing Editor Peter Cohen
Túaw -- has a daily podcast and a weekly podcast I'm checking out also.
ZDNet Apple
CNET Apple

Do you have a favorite Apple website or podcast?  Do you have further comments about these sites?  Leave a comment.

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