Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dear Apple, please fix these things

I have been happily using my Apple products for quite some time.  However, there are a number of features and characteristics of working with Apple that many users and I would like Apple to fix or make operate differently:

  1. Put back chapter use/browsing for audiobooks in IOS.  Lots of us miss this feature.
  2. Honor start/ending time settings set in iTunes for movies in IOS and AppleTV.  It used to work.  It still works in iTunes.
  3. The movie browsing and playlist browsing interface should be similar in IOS and AppleTV.   I would like to search genres and play movie playlists on my iPhone and iPad.
  4. IOS movie images are wrong, sometimes.  Fix it.
  5. Sometimes loading my movie library list into my iPad fails.  A reboot of the iPad typically fixes this problem, but go back to that not being necessary.
  6. The new 'cover flow' replacement on iPhone really gets in my way and gets me turning on screen lock;  this feels like the clumsy interface features of non-Apple devices.  I'm listening to an audiobook, turn my iPhone sideways, have a stray finger press, and now I am many many clicks away from listening to my audiobook.   The same is true listening to a favorite album!  There is no sense of context, of place in the new  cover flow replacement.
  7. Put logging and controls in the Airport Extreme.  I would love to graph utilization, block websites, and more, without jailbreaking.
  8. I bought 2 iPhone 5 phones a few months shy of 2 years ago.  AppleCare is not showing up for one of them.  However I can only look up orders a maximum of 18 months old.  Thankfully online searchable Google Mail saved the day during my appointment.  3 years would be much better for your customers.
  9. I used to be able to listen to a movie on my iPhone with the screen locked.  It was great when I was on the go, and when an accidental screen touch might completely disrupt my listening pleasure.  This no longer works!  I think it was broken with iOS 7.
That's my short list.  What is yours?


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