Monday, September 17, 2012

Surprise: some people think iPhone 5 is best, and some think it sucks

I have been watching US Politics, and now I am watching technology politics.  I have my own feelings about things, but I do not think I have jumped into the fray.

I believe in leadership, and bringing people together.  I find it interesting and ironic that both Android development and iPhone development are both leading to very nice screens, new better capabilities, and  have users who are very pleased.

I am using Apple technologies.  I feel it gives me the best experience I can have.  I can see that what I want is, for the most part, being catered to by Apple.  Similarly, some users feel strongly that another hardware manufacturer and Google are catering to their needs and desires best.  I'm glad we can all have technology that at this time meets our needs well.  That is great!  

Sometimes it can be a matter of feeling that gets one technology used over another.  Sometimes it can be that some specific technical features matter a lot to a person and matter not at all to another.  This does not make any person stupid, bad, or a series of much less pleasant things I sometimes see on the internet in comments or even articles.  There are, after all, some people using BOTH sets of technologies quite happily.

I cannot help but wonder who is benefiting from all of the name calling?  In the Apple/Samsung debate, it is easy to assume it is the companies arguing who could be benefiting.  I would argue neither company is truly benefiting, however, even if neither is able to stick to a unifying message.  It does seem that the various "news" companies are fairly directly benefiting from the controversy.

Political parties, technology parties - are we just wired to have disagreements and sides?  I think we as a world can often be more unified than that in many cases, and should look more often for the agreements we have.  Our smartphones are wondrous technology and we are blessed or lucky to have them.

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