Sunday, September 30, 2012

IOS 6 on an iPhone 4

I jumped in and upgraded to IOS 6 on my iPhone 4.  Here is the good and the bad:

Things I do not get:

  • Siri (I didn't have it before and I still do not have it)
  • Maps:
    • Flyover
    • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • FaceTime on 3G - I'm not going to get it on iPhone 5 either... I don't have the required shared data plan...
  • Camera:
    • Panorama photos: I like to take some panoramic photos and greatly welcome this feature.  With the gyroscopic features in the iphone it should be easier for the system than in any other camera I have used to stitch together panoramic shots.
    • Better image stabilization: always a good feature
    • 40% faster picture taking - we NEED this!
    • Face detection in video
    • Take pictures during video capture!  Do you ever find yourself shooting video when you mean to be taking a picture?  I think this could save me from myself.
    • Better noise reduction and low light performance - always good
Things I do get:

  • Apple maps - they are there.
Shared Photo Streams:
  • I've got it in iphone 4!  Here's what you do:
    • In Photos, click Photo Stream (middle bottom of screen)
    • Click the plus icon
    • Name some people (to email), name the photo stream, and choose if it is to be a public website or not.
    • Your new named photo streams appears in your photo stream area.  Click on the new photo stream.
    • Click Edit, click Add, and add photos!
    • People will receive an email with the new photo stream, and a link for the web version if you enabled that!  
    • Keep adding photos when you want.
  • Passbook:
    • I'll have to try it to have deeper thoughts.  I already use the Starbucks app and Apple store app.  I'm ready to try. 
  • Decline call with text message back - that is what I've always wanted!
  • Do Not Disturb setting - I want to know more!
Web Browsing/Safari:
  • Tabs in the cloud... I already share bookmarks with my desktop.  It is unclear how helpful this is going to be.
Find My iPhone and find my friends:
  • A new lost mode lets you track it!
  • Track a child as they go home from school
  • Add photos and video to emails - FINALLY!  I do not have to start in the images app to get a picture into an email.  And it sounds like we will be able to attach multiple photos as well.
  • UpNext:  It sounds like the current playing list of songs is a separate always-there playlist.  You can add a playlist to it, and while listening to that playlist, add another song to play, and go back to your playlist.  I have often wanted to briefly switch to another song and this will let me do what I want to do.  Sometimes I seem to have this (I have asked Siri to play a song in the middle of listening to a playlist, the song played, and then I automatically went back to the playlist I was previously listening to) but I cannot seem to reliably do this.  Folks online say this is coming later.

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