Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Takes On the iPhone 5 IOS 6 (before seeing it in person)

I am impressed by iPhone 5 hardware, but I am also very much looking forward to the great many new software features from IOS 6.

First, a problem/hesitancy: I am concerned about problems related to greater facebook integration and do not intend to enable such integration until time shows that they have been overcome.

Here is a list of features I am interested in or have a comment about:
App loading:

  • If you already own it, you do not have to type in your password again.  Finally!

  • The new road maps by Apple are vector based and should scale nicely (as opposed to be being based on tiles) for zoom.
  • built-in turn by turn verbal navigation with traffic assistance will be nice.  I will compare that to waze.
  • Flyover - a rendered image of areas may be very nice to use.
  • Siri in my maps - I think this during a solo drive might prove very useful indeed.
  • Local Search - what we are used to.
  • I do not yet have Siri.  Further Siri integration is very welcome.'
  • Siri Open Table integration sounds great!
Shared Photo Streams:
  • I have been wanting this feature since photo streams first became available.  I have relatives with whom I sometimes share some photos, but not all photos.  This is a very welcome change.
  • Having a web view of photos in icloud only makes sense!
  • I'll have to try it to have deeper thoughts.  I already use the Starbucks app and Apple store app.  I'm ready to try. 
  • Decline call with text message back - that is what I've always wanted!
  • Do Not Disturb setting - I want to know more!
Web Browsing/Safari:
  • Tabs in the cloud... I already share bookmarks with my desktop.  It is unclear how helpful this is going to be.
  • Panorama photos: I like to take some panoramic photos and greatly welcome this feature.  With the gyroscopic features in the iphone it should be easier for the system than in any other camera I have used to stitch together panoramic shots.
  • Better image stabilization: always a good feature
  • 40% faster picture taking - we NEED this!
  • Face detection in video
  • Take pictures during video capture!  Do you ever find yourself shooting video when you mean to be taking a picture?  I think this could save me from myself.
  • Better noise reduction and low light performance - always good
Find My iPhone and find my friends:
  • A new lost mode lets you track it!
  • Track a child as they go home from school
  • Add photos and video to emails - FINALLY!  I do not have to start in the images app to get a picture into an email.  And it sounds like we will be able to attach multiple photos as well.

  • UpNext:  It sounds like the current playing list of songs is a separate always-there playlist.  You can add a playlist to it, and while listening to that playlist, add another song to play, and go back to your playlist.  I have often wanted to briefly switch to another song and this will let me do what I want to do.

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