Sunday, September 23, 2012

iPhone 5 - first reactions a day later

I bought and set up 2 iPhone 5's.  One just worked.  One I had to take to a store to get a new SIM card.

About AT&T and their support:

  • I chose, after talking to AT&T support, to go to the AT&T store to do this.  They were very courteous and prompt.  Phone technical support spoke to in-store folks to find out what the line was like: 45 minutes.  However, when I went to the store and mentioned the name of my on-phone technical support person and that they had called ahead for me, the gentleman I talked to helped me immediately.  It took only 5 minutes.  I was very happy with our interaction, and pleasantly surprised.

  1. One of the first things I can say is this - if you have a lot of photo and video content in your icloud-backed-up photos folder, total phone recovery can take a long time.  One of my phones is still not done with this process.  The other phone had nearly zero content of this type, and finished very quickly.
  2. The second recommendation I'll make is this:  If you get your new iPhone set up and backed up to iCloud, you may find that you need to manage storage and delete your old backup to save space.
  3. The third thing is about iCloud and photo storage.  Photo Stream takes up no iCloud storage space you pay for (or get as part of your iTunes/iCloud account).    However, backups of your iPhone include photos in your photo library, and those DO count.  Keep that in mind as you keep  lots of photos locally on your phone.
  4. Shared photo streams:  If you have seen others liberally share photos via other services (Flikr, Facebook) but have been concerned about sharing too widely - try doing so via Shared Photo Streams.  You can invite people with an email, and they can comment on and like your photos.  This is not visible to the world unless you share via a web url and can be a blast; you are missing out if you do not try it.  Your shared photo stream can only be added to by users of YOUR iCloud ID.  If friends want to share back, they have to use a separate shared photo stream they create.
  5. Shared photo streams changed how we use apple IDs in my household.  I was going to have my daughter use her own apple ID to back up her phone to iCloud.  I am now instead backing up to a household computer and she is using my apple ID so that she can share in and add to the family  main photo stream account (and add to shared photo streams I create).  I'll have to purchase more space in iCloud if I want her to back up to iCloud on my account.  Now her pictures show up on my iPad and Apple TV automatically when she takes them, by default.  It is wonderful!
  6. Siri is a blast.  You can help by going to contacts of family relations and setting up things - you can add birthday and family relation (spouse, father/mother/child relations).  The iPhone does not learn by osmosis.  If I set up in my contacts that I am my "daughter's contact record" father, it does NOT learn that she is my daughter in my contact record.  The same goes with spouse.  But I delight that where I used to (before Siri) have to ask to call my "wife's name", "mobile, pronounced very carefully with a higher pitch on the end than I would normally use" to get voice activation on my old iPhone 4 to work, now I can just say please call my wife's cell and it just works, without any special inflection.
    • I've already played with asking when my wife's birthday is, and it asked who my wife is and if I wanted Siri to remember who my wife is.
    • I cannot find a way to get Siri or contacts to know what an anniversary is.
    • I have used Siri to read texts to me when I was using my headset, and to sent text messages to others.  This is, as Steve Jobs and Tim Cook would say, amazing!
    • Siri cannot help me with many things still.  Among them are audiobooks.  But Siri is quite clear and firm in this regard.
    • Siri CAN help by playing specific songs I request; I have always wanted that feature.
  7. There is a third party IOS6 guide that is free (has ads): Guide for IOS 6 tips and tricks
  8. Do play with panoramic photos.  They are fun!

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