Saturday, June 16, 2012

new macbook pro retina and other updates very welcome indeed

These are my opinions and speculations about recent Apple hardware releases.  Apple recently released new versions of apple macbook air and macbook pro.  Several folks I work with have already ordered macbook pro retina systems.

I would welcome USB3, larger RAM, larger SSD/flash storage, and better CPUs available across the board.  I'm expecting that an updated thunderbolt display with USB3 will become available as part of the natural progression of things.

The new retina-display macbook pro with up to 16GB RAM, 4-cores of CPU, and up to 768GB of SSD/flash (not to mention 2 thunderbolt ports) is definitely interesting for reasons other than the display.  I have employees who compile code and run multiple intensive apps and do sometimes complain about needing more CPU power and RAM.  These types of users are indeed rare.

I would wait for a laptop with a retina display until there is more ubiquitous support from other applications.  If I could do away with a separate large display in the future, the retina display could well be worth the cost.  I'll try it out when co-worker's system becomes available.

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