Saturday, June 16, 2012

iPad wins for heavy iTunes and iPhone app users over other tablets

thoughts about alternatives to the iPad and my iPad experience continued...

I use iTunes for music, movies, and ibooks.

Copying music (and music in the cloud), movies, and ibooks to an iPad is a no-brainer.  The networked iTunes experience enables me to play any movies on my computer with iTunes on my iPad as well.  I recently did use this on a family vacation.

My least happy experiences with the iPad have been when I tried to cobble together a solution - using BOX and iannotate.  This "worked" but was not a pleasant smooth experience.

If I were to use a MS windows tablet or an android tablet, I believe such experiences of "cobbling together" solutions would become common place.  I would have the freedom to do everything except what I want to do - just have things work out-of-the-box with the media as I have as I have it.

If you have not bought into iTunes media, you might not feel so locked in.  I do feel locked in to a really good experience with my media and even my existing iPhone apps which I can copy to my iPad.

Any MS or Android tablet I would have to buy apps for again.  I would have to learn a whole new ecosystem of apps and how they work, when and how they can be trusted...  Ugh.

My work has a mobile device management system that works for iPad.  It will soon work for some Android tablets but does not at this moment.  I have not even heard the MS tablet OS will ever be supported.

In short, I have reasons to use the iPad.  I am extremely dis-incented to use anything else.

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