Thursday, October 6, 2011

How apple laptops and OSs make me go WOW!

Apple does novel things or takes old things others (or they) have done and do it better.  They make me go, "WOW!"  They try doing things in new ways others think are wrong and makes them work.  Here's a few off the top of my head on the laptop and OS side:

  • Laptops with nearly zero options, that always come with SSD (Macbook Air)
  • Magnets on laptops!  The magnetic plug which has saved me from several laptop falls as well as for keeping the screen closed.  
  • Hinge fully opening the screen to the laptop rear - I've never seen an apple laptop hinge break.  I've seen many many other laptop hinges break and I've seen the clasp mechanism to keep them closed break also.  Not apples.
  • Wacky high-end ports: They started with firewire and now thunderbolt.
  • Touch pad - I now have an external touchpad to use when I'm "docked" even - this touchpad with gestures is unlike any other computer experience I've had.  A mouse I don't really have to even click, but can if I really want to?  Wow.
  • Spaces - other OSs have had different virtual desktop spaces, but this one feels done right, now that I can access them with touchpad gestures and mission control/Expose.
  • Mail - and smart mailboxes have revolutionized desktop email to me.  I no longer sort email into folders, ever.  I also never regret putting it into one folder and not another.  Search folders put it in every folder that makes sense at the same time, and Apple's built in desktop and thus mail search capabilities make it all work for me so I do not need to think about it.
  • Time machine - the first desktop backups I'll actually use at home because they are just that easy.
  • Better wifi information - snow leopard and lion only - option-click on the wifi icon in your tool bar and you can find out the hardware address of the wireless access point you are connecting to as well as how you are connecting to it.  This has been incredibly useful to me at work and at home.  No, I was not using "N", but once I knew that, I could fix it...
  • Whole disk encryption - file vault 2 - Lion only - with time machine disk encryption too!  It just works!  The first whole disk encryption I will use at home.
  • iLife - this amazing suite of built-in products changed my life.  They really have blown me away and they keep getting better.
    •  iPhoto with face recognition lets me organize my photos, set them up for instant slide shows with any number of categories - WOW!
    • garageband is teaching me to play guitar and let me create files about music creation I could share with others, and use an on-screen keyboard to make mp3s to share with friends and family... WOW!
    • iMovie lets me edit home movies - no other software needed!  WOW!
  • UNIX underneath - I write perl scripts, use ssh/scp that are built-in, and use other UNIX utilities all the time.  I can install tools and do it with windows, but with my mac they are just already there.
  • iTunes - ok this is not a mac exclusive.  It is the best all around personal music (and media - I have some movies too!) management app I've used.  Podcasts!   I have many I listen to.  WOW!
I'm sure there are many many more reasons.  This is just off of the top of my head.  But it was very easy to make this list.  

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