Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple and Starbucks - a partnership

People who frequent Starbucks have long experienced many iPhone related partnership featured:
  • AT&T wireless providing free and seamless internet access
  • free music - a song of the day from iTunes
Apple works hard on its image and so does Starbucks.  The partnership made sense to me as it was from two branding titans.

The new partnership is mostly great, but not all:

  • AT&T providing free internet access for all, but not the seamless iPhone access - you have to go to a web browser and ok the terms now...
  • free music - a song of the week from iTunes
  • free apps - an app of the week from iTunes
The free apps are fun.  I've gotten Shazam, Momento, and The Monster at the End of this Book.  

It keeps me interested and not forgetting to look for apps in the app store.  It gives me one more reason to go to Starbucks a tad more often.  

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