Monday, June 2, 2014

Speculation before the June 2014 WWDC

I am reading much speculation about many things Apple.  This comes in about 3 flavors at the moment:

  • What is Apple going to do with the Beats acquisitions?
  • What new products will be announced when, and which will be announced at WWDC?
    • new iMacs
    • iPhone 6
    • iOS 8, fitness and health monitoring
    • iWatch
    • mobile payments
    • Where and how will sapphire be used?  How about liquid metal?  Will they be used together?
  • What is the recently started Apple home integration product set going to offer us?

With the Beats acquisitions (the hardware and the service) I do not understand the value.  I do not think Apple will lose on the deal,  but I do not see leverage for something huge.  I hope and trust that Tim Cook knows what he is doing.

New products... Apple executives have been making promises.  Tim Cook talks of multiple new product categories.  Eddie Cue says Apple has the best product pipeline in 25 years.  What is not enough a cause of speculation in my opinion is the new head of apple retail, Angela Ahrendts.

Apple has new materials that are likely ready or almost ready for use in products that no other company can copy.  This is what Apple does.

Now for prognostication:
WWDC is for developers, not new hardware announcements.  iOS8 and OS X 10.10 will be announced.  APIs for home integration and a framework (and APIs) for health and fitness monitoring will be announced.  I think the rest of new product categories will wait until later.

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