Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Smartphone Personal Data Conundrum

There have been numerous reports about applications on both the iPhone/IOS and Android platforms.
Android issues:

iPhone issues:

  • Siri if allowed from a locked iPhone would let someone with physical access to your locked phone access all of your personal data - data in your address book, for example.

There are characteristic differences between these sets of problems.   Android leadership generally says things that imply the Android model does what it should.  It appears however that the lack of updates for most platforms and the change in model over time leave most Android users vulnerable.  There are no contrite user-caring actions from Google.  Apple patched for the PDF problem.  They are working on pushing app developers to be clear as required in the developer agreement, and many app developers have updated their code to make data use clear.  Apple is trying to do something about it, has done things about it, and cares.

I'd rather have Apple behind me on this one.

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